Find hidden Bitcoins around the world

Bitrunner is a massively multiplayer location based game where you can collect
and/or steal Bitcoins using your smart phone, Google Glass or drone!

See how it works

Collect Bitcoins

Find and collect hidden Bitcoins around the world using your smart phone, Google Glass or drone!


1. Explore

Explore the world around you for vast fields of Bitcoins.


2. Find

Use your smart device to locate individual Bitcoin fragments.


3. Dig

Use your smart device to dig up Bitcoin fragment.

Steal Bitcoins

Steal Bitcoins from others by using special tools and building smart traps.


1. Observe

Observe your prey to find the perfect location.


2. Plan

Smart prey needs a smart trap. Use your explosives wisely.


3. Execute

When you are ready execute your plan and hope for the best.


Tools will help you get a leg up on the competition. They come in different types and have a lifespan and will wear out over time.


If you want to get the Bitcoins
faster, and before your competitors
do, you'll want a shovel. Shovels come
in a variety sizes and the bigger
your shovel, the fast you can dig.


Telescopes help you see further around
you. You'll get an edge by being able to
see fields of Bitcoins farther away than
your opponents and even see the
opponents around you.


You can plant mines that explode when
an opponent gets within a certain range,
or bombs that go off at a certain time
of day or can even be detonated
remotely by you.


Weather you are playing dirty or not,
you'll want to be protected from your
opponents aggressions. Armor comes in
various gauges, the stronger the armor,
the less loss you'll sustain from a blast.

Form alliances, partnerships, wars and truces

Whether you are a loner, just a little bit bad, or prefer to play with your friends and split the spoils.


Lone Miner

You prefer to go it alone and live and let live. You find fields of Bitcoins, and harvest them. You might even find a field that only you know about and can go back to over and over to reap the benefits.


Miner Collective

You’re a social creature and prefer working with people hand in hand. You harvest in teams and everyone wins. Decide with whom you want to cooperate and how to divide up the fruits of your labor.


Cunning Punderer

You just a little bit of a bad boy and don’t mind using a little force where necessary. You map out your territory and protect it with explosive devices, then swoop in to collect the spoils.


The Wolf Pack

You believe in safety in numbers and that the best hunting is done as a team. Like a pack of wolves you and your friends spread out over a territory to discover the most populous and profitable areas.

Cashout in Bitrunner Banks

Cashout is possible in Bitrunner Banks that are virtual banks located in a physical space.
They can be anything from a tree, a lamp post, a fountain to a coffee shop, etc…
You must physically go to the bank location to make a deposit or withdrawal.

Zones arounds banks are a safe zone from bombs and robberies so that
no one can perform ATM style holdups with clients carrying lots of
treasure to deposit, or having just made a withdrawal.

You can also change your Bitcoins for cash that will
be deposited into your real-life bank account
in your local currency.

How can I play?

You can play using an iPhone, Android phone, Google Glass or a drone (UAV).
The community gets to vote which we release first.


iPhone & Android

iPhone or Android, Android or iPhone? We love them both therefore can’t choose… Can you help us to decide? Signup now to cast your vote later!


Google Glass

How does it feel to wear your Google Glass? Good? OK.
Thats great! Really! But look,
finally you can use it for
something real.  Signup now to cast your vote later!


Drones, UAVs

Bitcoins may be hidden at altitude so your drone, jetpack or personal helicopter are the perfect tools to collect them
all from the sky. Signup now to cast your vote later!




Nathan Pahucki

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur

20 years of experience in software architecture & development.
10 years of experience of team
and technical lead. Co-Founder of startup with successful acquisition. Proud part of the Maker Movement. Open Source advocate and contributor. Entrepreneur at heart.


Simon Forgacs

Ui Ux Designer, Entrepreneur

8 years of experience in Ui Design.
3 years of experience in Ux Design.
6 years of experience in Project Management. Co-Founder of startup and winner of the Start-Up Chile Program, Bridge Budapest Fellowship, Website of the Year Award in Hungary. Granted researcher at KIBU New Media Lab.


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Nicolas Cary

Nicolas Cary

CEO at


CEO of the
most popular blockchain
explorer and online wallet
service on the Internet today.

Csongor Baranyai

Csongor Baranyai

Game Designer, Lecturer


Game Designer Consultant. Lecturer in Game Design, Narrative Design and Interactive Storytelling. Head of the Interactive Media at the ifs international film school cologne.

Balint Forgacs

Balint Forgacs

Cognitive neuroscientist


Cognitive neuroscience, psycho- linguistics, and developmental experimental pragmatics researcher. Experience with fMRI, EEG, and eye-tracking, as well as behavioral methods.